Choosing Your Honeymoon in Canada – Should It Be A Package Vacation?

Choosing Your Honeymoon in Canada – Should It Be A Package Vacation?

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For most people getting married, the wedding preparations take all of the time and energy, but the perfect honeymoon does deserve some time, so that it successfully starts the husband and wife’s life together.

There are many possibilities when it comes to destinations, and we shall look at a few of those options here, along with some other important questions to ask and find answers to as well.

For thousands of brides and grooms, the wedding preparations add a tremendous amount of stress to the occasion. Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect, which is understandable, but at the same time, you need to be realistic, especially when it comes to the finances of this venture. Many people put themselves into debt so that they can have that perfect wedding, not realizing that it may be very difficult for them to pay off these large bills once they are back to work after the wedding. Some kind of comprise is necessary between being extravagant, and realistic. Weddings can still be perfect even though the costs are low. It is all about expectations, and if you set the bar too high then these dreams may be shattered. But it is better that your dreams are shattered than your marriage, as many marriages fall apart because of financial issues.

So, for your honeymoon, choose a destination that you can afford to go to, and if it means staying in the same state or province, that is fine too. It is essential that on your honeymoon the bride and groom spend some time together, quality time, as this has probably been in short supply because of all the wedding preparations, but this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on your honeymoon.

Do some financial planning about what you can afford to spend on your honeymoon vacation, working out a maximum amount and then stick to it! Hopefully this honeymoon will be your only one, and this makes the temptation to do it right even harder! But do not go into debt over this if you can possibly avoid it – hopefully wherever your new partner is, you can have fun, and you can buy one another small thoughtful treats rather than large expensive ones.

Now we have covered that, what honeymoon vacations and destinations are available? With so many beautiful places that you can consider, you need to decide on your budget, and decide a few basic things like a hot vacation, or a cold place. Decide the type of honeymoon vacation you would like. It doesn’t have to be hot and sunny with golden sand beaches. If you or your partner prefer snowy scenes, then go for that, but decide between you whether you want hot and sunny or cold and snowy, or whatever works for you.

Currently the top five honeymoon destinations are Venice, Paris, Tahiti, Rome, and of course Hawaii. Note that not all of these honeymoon destinations have sandy beaches – but places like Rome and Paris are still thought to be romantic cities to wander around. The advantage of places like Venice, Paris and Rome, is that there are plenty of attractions that you can visit if you choose to, and if not they are all interesting places to wander around.

If you are interested in Tahiti, this gives you the option of white sandy beaches, but also rugged mountains too, as well as plenty of marine life. There are plenty of islands to snorkel around, or go cruising to, so it can be very restful. There are bungalows that are built over the water, which can be very romantic.

Hawaii too has the sandy beaches, but it also has great night life, so if you want this contrast of romantic beaches during the day and then a busy nightlife, this may be for you. There are islands to visit, and a dormant volcano or a live one too, so the choice of Hawaii as a honeymoon vacation is one with which you can’t really go wrong.

Of course there are plenty of other cities that offer plenty to the tourist. Niagara Falls, in both Canada and the US is one place that looks entirely different in the middle of winter compared to summer. It depends a little on the time of year for your honeymoon, but more so on the type of vacation you want, whether it is relaxation on a white sand beach, or a week of skiing in the Alps.

Look out for package deals, but you need to have some kind of idea if the activities you want with the deal, otherwise you may end up paying a lot more for items you don’t want or need. The package deals can be a great way of knowing beforehand exactly what your expenses are since many offer restaurants on site that are included in your package. This can make it a fun way to try different foods too, as their cost is included, so if you don’t like something, you won’t go hungry.

No matter what you plan for your honeymoon, where you go, or what places you visit, remember that this is the time for you and your loved one to enjoy a little relaxation after the hustle and bustle of your wedding.

Top 4 Limousine Maintenance Tips

Top 4 Limousine Maintenance Tips

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Limousine is considered as one of the luxury vehicles in the world. Therefore, maintaining it should be your main concern, since they are very expensive vehicles. Moreover, regular maintenance becomes essential if you want to increase the life span of your Brampton limo. Hence, it is best not to neglect maintenance, because putting off maintenance can put you out of business. On the other hand, industry reports state that over 5% of the accidents that occur today are due to poor maintenance.Sometimes limousine maintenance can be difficult to keep up with. However, not staying up to date with the maintenance schedule has serious implications. Here are some important maintenance tips that you can adhere to.

limomaintenanceRegular maintenance


Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to keep a limousine in good working condition. You can follow the company’s maintenance schedule regularly. In case, you do not have the owner’s manual, you can contact the manufacturer and obtain a recommended maintenance schedule. You can also visit the showroom.

Regular inspection

Regular inspection of your limousine’s engine is a must. You should make a habit of inspecting your limousine in and out, more importantly the engine before and after every run, just like the air-crafts. Sometimes, limo may have engine, transmission, handles, brakes, and steering problems, therefore it is recommended that you inspect on your limo in a regular basis if you want to stay out of trouble.

Regular oil changes

A regular oil change ensures better and continuous performance of your limousines. General rule is every four to six months, or every 3,000 miles.  Oil changes helps in removing any pollutants that in your car’s system and reduces the friction in your engine by lubricating the engine. Therefore you need to make sure that your limousine gets enough oil changes over its life.

Exterior maintenance

Limousines should not only be maintained internally, but it should be maintained on the exterior side too. Exterior maintenance includes routine washing, waxing, and rusts proofing. These things can extend your limousine’s life and enhance its appearance as well. Thus, take good care of your exterior components.

If you own a limousine, follow the above mentioned maintenance tips to keep your vehicle healthy and ultimately save some money on some costly repairs.

Solar and Wind Power Compared

Solar and Wind Power Compared

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With the TV news constantly reporting about melting ice caps and rising sea levels in the Seychelles, it makes many of us wonder what we can do to do “our bit” for the environment.  One way is to become as energy self-sufficient as possible.  Solar panels and wind turbines are just two option available to you.  Although energy is used in the manufacture of these products, overall they cause very little in the way of pollution.  Once they are installed they”ll keep producing energy indefinitely.  Also because the energy comes from the sun and wind, you are not dependant on oil from politically unstable countries like Iraq and Nigeria.

Solar Energy  – The energy from the sun”S rays are converted into energy when they hit the photovoltaic (PV) module.  The PV responds to this by generating an electrical current which is carried into your home via wires and circuit breakers.

Wind Energy – This type of energy production is very different from solar however there are similarities to how they work.  The propeller is spun round by the force of the wind.  The propeller is attached to a shaft which is surrounded by a magnet wrapped by a coil of wire.  The magnet either turns near the wire or the wire turns causing the force upon electrons.  This forces the electrons along the wire which is how the electrical current is produced.

Sounds like the perfect solution to our energy requirements doesn”t it?  Sun and wind cost nothing and will never run out.  However it does cost a lot of money and there are some limitations to how they can be used.

Costs – Some people may argue that it doesn”t matter what these methods cost; the environment is more important than money.  However unless you are a millionaire, cost are very important.  The cost of production, transportation and installation all add up.  Unfortunately at the moment the cost just doesn”t stack up compared to oil and coal.

Efficiency  – Solar panels require energy from the sun so if they are installed on the equator, you”ll be able to achieve 1,00 watts per square meter of solar panel.  Unfortunately if you live a considerable distance from the equator and experience many dull days, you”ll only get about 125-375 W/m2.  Efficiency also needs to be factored in; you only get 10-15% efficiency depending on how it’’s produced.

Despite the above, solar panels covering your roof can still generate enough power for your home.  As long as you are careful about how you use electricity and don”t waste it by leaving electrical goods on all day when they aren”t being used.

Problems with Wind Power – Engineers have a tendency to think about wind farms from an engineering perspective.  They don”t seem to think about how a wind farm will affect the local area – both visually and in terms of wildlife.  Many of the windiest places are home to a huge variety of bird species.  You can imagine the consequences if a bird were to fly into a turbine.  It could quickly wipe out a whole flock.

Then if there is a drop in wind levels, the amount of energy produced is greatly hampered.  The turbines also need to be linked up with a storage system and the energy produced is not as good as we would like.

In saying that, these types of energy production has to be a major part of our future energy production.  We simply cannot keep going the way we are.  Eventually oil is going to become so scarce that prices will be sky high and pollution levels will even worse than they are now.  Technology is constantly advancing and efficiency levels are increasing and they are becoming more affordable.  It many take many years however before they replace oil and coal.

Implant Dentist

Implant Dentist

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The loss of teeth can affect you a number of ways. You may not be able to eat all types of foods. If more number of teeth are lost, it can even lead to nutritional deficiency disorders. Additionally, loss of teeth can also affect your smile and appearance. It can also change your voice and make you sound funny. If you have lost teeth and are worrying about it, it is time to stop worrying. There are many options today to replace lost teeth. Dental implants are one such excellent option to replace lost teeth.

Until recently, the only options available to rectify lost teeth were dentures and bridges. However, neither of these are effective in restoring the functionality and appearance of lost teeth completely. Dental implants, on the other hand, are very effective. They are permanent and have a very long life. Once implanted, they last for 10 to 15 years or even more. Because of the advantages, more and more people are opting for dental implants in place of other procedures.

Dental implants can be very costly. For this reason, you have to take your finances into consideration and evaluate if dental implants are really necessary in your case. Typically, dental implants can cost anywhere from $2000-$8000. Other additional costs such as screening and diagnostic expenses, fees charged by the dentist, etc. will also add up to the total amount you have to pay. Insurance companies will not provide cover for dental implant surgery because dental implants are considered cosmetic items. This is something that you need to know.

Dental implants are implanted into the jawbone by surgical procedures. The procedures are usually done under local anesthesia. A porcelain crown is built atop the implant after a few days after the surgery. The complete procedure will usually take one or two weeks.

If you have lost teeth and are thinking of getting a dental implant, you can start by contacting an implant dentist. Dental implant surgery is performed only by specialized dental surgeons. Your family dentist cannot perform dental implants. For this reason, you have to get in touch with a specialist surgeon to evaluate the options available to you. However, you can contact your family dentist for recommendations.

Breast Implant Innovations: Gummy Bear Implants

Breast Implant Innovations: Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear implants are a new innovation in breast implant surgery, and may find their way to North America soon.

A new breast implant option hitting the market are cohesive gel breast implants, or as they are better known: gummy bear implants. Some plastic surgeons will use this type of implant because they have a more predictable shape and the results seem to last a long time. Of course, this has not yet been proven, but gummy bear implants have been used outside of North America for quite some time now with excellent results.

Where does the name gummy bear implant originate? These implants have been coined with this name because they have a similar texture to a gummy bear. There are many advantages to this kind of breast implant which include:

•unlike other types of breast implants, gummy bear implants do not leak
•it keeps an ideal shape for longer
•the thick gel prevents running or sloshing around inside the implant
•gummy bear implants are more durable
•folding and rippling is less likely to occur, therefore, these implants have a low chance of rupturing

However, gummy bear implants do have their drawbacks. First of all, the implant has to be inserted in the belly button through a transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA). TUBA is a typical procedure that causes scars not to be noticeable, and the incision is hidden in the belly button. It is difficult to insert implants through this kind of procedure, and would be even trickier for a gummy bear implant because it is a much more stable implant. In addition, since gummy bear implants are better at keeping their shape, the incision they require is bigger than that of saline and silicone breast implants.

If you are thinking of getting your previous implants replaced and the location they were inserted in becomes loose, then it may be appropriate for a gummy bear implant to be used. However, round gummy bear implants are not available in North America at the time. Be sure if you are getting cohesive gel implants that a qualified plastic surgeon is the one to insert them.

How You Carry Your Baby Can Affect Their Health

How You Carry Your Baby Can Affect Their Health

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As new parents, we do everything we can to give our children the best start in life.But did you know that the way we carry our children can have a profound impact on their health?It’s true. It is well established that some carrying methods have very real health risks.

Plagiocephaly: All parents are familiar with the baby travel systems. With these systems, the baby is strapped into a plastic basket. This basket can then be secured into a car seat base or a stroller. Because of their convenience, the baby is often kept in the hard basket for long periods of time.

The problem with this is that your baby’s skull bones are soft and if you little one spends too long laying on their back it can actually flatten and deform the shape of their head. This is known as plagiocephaly. You can find an example image of it here. It should be noted that research has shown these “flat head syndrome” babies have been shown to have lowered cognitive skills and motor function.

There’s nothing wrong with these travel systems. In fact, I used them when our children were little. But avoid keeping them in the carrier basket for prolonged periods. If you’re not in the car, consider a different method for carrying your child. More on that in a bit.

Hip Dysplasia:  This condition used to be known as congenital hip dislocation. What happens with hip dysplasia is that the socket of the ball and socket joint  is too shallow and this allows the femur (thighbone) to easily dislocate.What do we as parents do that makes this condition more likely? Swaddling. When we swaddle a baby, their legs are usually tightly bound and straight. In this position the ball and socket joint is not encouraged to properly form. In fact, studies with Navajo indians show that they suffer a much higher incidence of hip dysplasia than the average population. This is because the Navajos often use papooses which hold the legs in a tightly bound extended position.

To avoid this, don’t swaddle the legs tightly. Keep them loose. Yes, I know this goes against what you were taught by the nurses at the hospital, or perhaps in some baby book. Sometimes, old advice lingers long past it’s expiry. Don’t take my word on it. Do your own research. You’ll find what I say to be true. If you can avoid unnecessary corrective hip surgery, wouldn’t you do it?So how should our babies’ hips be positioned when we carry them? The hip should be flexed at 100 degrees (knees slightly closer to the head than the hips) with the knees lightly turned out. Some people call it the frog position. This position holds the femur deep in the socket joint, encouraging a nice deep cup to develop. Babies tend to naturally wrap their legs around our bodies with their knees high and dig in with their toes when we carry them. Nature knows best.

Spondylolysis: This is where the vertebrae, typically in the lower back, break into two pieces. This is normally due to a repetitive stress that slowly breaks down the bone, also known as a stress fracture.  It can be a very painful condition and the baby will have it for life. The two pieces of bone may drift apart and can even require surgical correction in some individuals.Looking at native Eskimo populations, the rate of spondylolysis is very high (up to 60% of the population). It is thought that this is a result of the way their babies are carried. The traditional method involves holding the baby against a hard wooden backing. This forces the spine into a weight bearing position before the baby has the muscular support to so on his/her own. As the result, the muscles don’t protect the spine and the physical stresses can break down the spine.So, what does this mean to you the parent? Avoid putting young babies in rigid hard backed baby carriers.

So how should we carry our children, other than in our arms?
The way I like to see babies carried is through baby wearing, which is carrying you little one is held to your body by a soft fabric carrier. These can be slings, wraps or mei tais. I’d encourage you to look at each option and choose the one that you like best.With proper positioning, baby wearing:
Keeps the hips in the postion that encourages socket development.

Gives a soft support for the head to prevent plagiocephaly.

Keeps the lower spine supported to prevent spondylolysis.

A few more general rules:
Avoid the use of jumping chairs that attach to the door frame. This forces the babies spine to be in weight bearing position before it may be ready.

Avoid carrying your baby in the outward facing position. Facing in holds the hips in a better position and allows the baby to keep their neck in a good position while sleeping.

Ensure that your carrier doesn’t let the legs just dangle down.  Aside from just being uncomfortable, it does nothing to ensure proper hip development.

If you notice hip clicking, leg length differences or uneven skin folds in the legs, be sure to have you baby evaluated for hip dysplasia by your family gp or chiropractor. Often, hip dysplasia is missed by the family doctor and caught by the parents.

I hope this article helped.